OS History

OS was founded in January, 2007 by Ukrainian organic oriented organisations in the frame of the Swiss-Ukrainian Project of cooperation and international technical support according to the Agreement between Ukrainian government and Swiss Confederation government about technical and financial cooperation from October 13, 1997 (financial support: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, Switzerland)


Date Milestone
The first project in Russia in cooperating with IMO
Switzerland has included Organic Standard in the official list of certification bodies which operate outside this country
The new inspector for processing was approved
European Commission has included Organic Standard in the official list of certification bodies which operate outside EU for the new country Belarus and the appropriate code BY-BIO-108 was approved
The new long-term partnership agreement between the Swiss Institute for Marketing IMO and Organic Standard
Result 2011
95 Organic operators
Registered trademark "Organic Standard"
OS received registration number UA-BIO-108
XII.2011 OS was included into the list of certification bodies published by the European Commission that allows OS clients to have simplified export procedure
OS has provide a training for organic producers in Uzbekistan
VII.2011 OS starts its activity in Belarus
New OS inspector was approved
IV.2011 New regional office in Lutsk was opened
First official List of off-farm inputs for use in organic agriculture in Ukraine according to EU Reg. (EC) 834/2007 and BIOLan standards was published on web-page
Result 2010
84 Organic operators
Company rebrand, was created new logo, style, updated web-page
VII.2010 New activity was started: inputs certification for organic production
First certified organic honey appeared on the market shelves
III.2010 Organic Standard became a member of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements)
Result 2009 69 Organic operators
XI.2009 OS web-site started to work
X.2009 Organic standard Ltd has gained the International Accreditation against Standards ISO Guide 65/EN 45011
IX.2009 OS participate as speaker in 2nd International Conference on the organic sector development in Central/Eastern European and Central Asian countries
VII.2009 New activity was started: inspections according NOP, JAS and Bio Suisse standards
VI.2009 New activity was started: certification of beekeeping
II.2009 OS visited Biofach exhibition first time
Reult  2008 50 Organic operators
Third OS inspector was approved for doing inspections
Memorandum of Understanding with BIOLan Association signed
New activity was started: certification of organic wild collection
Second OS inspector was approved for doing inspections
Result 2007
38 Organic operators
First OS inspector was approved for doing inspections
First contract was signed and first inspection was held
Registered Organic Standard as first Ukrainian certification body for organic farming

75 projects (crop production, animal husbandry, wild collection, processing and trade, Inputs), 30 000 ha certified